Researchers want you to tell them how the pandemic has affected your mental health

David Baranger
3 min readMar 23, 2020

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Fill out an online study or two! [Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash]

With covid-19 reaching worldwide, social distancing has become the new norm. Non-essential businesses are closing, people are losing their jobs, and everyone is feeling more isolated. Now, teams of psychologists around the world have started studies investigating the effects of the pandemic on mental health. These projects will help us understand how covid-19 is reshaping the world, and will help mental-health providers address this new reality. Below are links to, and a brief description of, several (currently ongoing) online studies. I am not affiliated with any of these projects. Follow the links if you’d like to contribute to this great science!

NIMH Covid-19 Mental Health study: How has stress during the pandemic affected your mental health? English-language. Initial survey with followups over the next 6 months.

International Survey on Coronavirus: How has the coronavirus affected you? 10 min survey, 36 languages.

Groningen Covid-19 Study: How has the coronavirus affected you? 20 min survey, 9 languages.

The Pandemic Project: How has the coronavirus affected your daily life? 15 min survey, English-language.

Covid19 Symptoms: What are your physical symptoms, if any? 3-min survey, English-language.

University of Oregon Covid-19 Study: How has the coronavirus affected your mental health? 5 min survey, English-language.

Coping with the Covid-19 Outbreak: How are you coping now and dealing with the risk of infection? 15 min survey, English-language.

IDC Herzliya personality & Covid-19: How does your personality influence how you feel about the pandemic? 15-min survey, English language.

ToPaQ — TOilet PAper Questionnaire Study: To understand the role of personality in pandemic toilet paper consumption. 5-min survey, English language.

Impact of a Pandemic on Psychological Well-Being: How have you responded emotionally and behaviorally to the pandemic? 20-min survey, chance to win $50, plus follow-ups, English-language.

Effects of Social Distancing Study: How has social distancing affected you? 20-min survey, English-language.

Sex and Relationships in the Time of COVID-19: How has the pandemic affected your romantic and sexual life? 15-min survey, chance to win $10, plus follow-ups, English-language.

Social perception of Covid-19 risk: How has the pandemic affected your behavior? 15 min survey, English-language.

Interoception and mental health: How has the pandemic affected how your body feels? 30 min survey plus follow-ups, English-language.

Global COVID-19 Project: Investigates the experiences and adaptability of people during the outbreak. 10 minute survey, English-language.

Survey on COVID19 and behavior: Perceptions of Covid-19 and evaluation of social media. 20 minute survey, English-language.

Covid-19 Social Study: UK only. What are the effects of social isolation on mental health? 15 min survey plus follow-ups. English-language.

Auswirkungen von COVID-19: German-language only. 20 min initial survey plus follow-ups.

**feel free to message me if I’ve missed a study you’d like added, or if you’d like your study removed from this list**

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